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Fun Filled Saturday at SDC

We just got back from a fun filled weekend in Branson. My sister-in-law and two teenage kids joined my family for the weekend. This was their first time in Branson and they really wanted to go to Silver Dollar City since they are roller coaster enthusiast!

They arrived late Friday night so we got up around 8 the next day and ate at the Hungry Hunter Restaurant. This a good spot to eat on the way to Silver Dollar City…make sure and try the cinnamon roll french toast.

The kids couldn’t get through the gates fast enough when we arrived at Silver Dollar City. My niece, nephew, and oldest son had all the roller coasters plotted out to ride and of course, I had to join. The older I get though, the more these roller coasters give me motion sickness!! If you are a thrill seeker then we highly recommend Wildfire, Powder Keg, and Outlaw Run.

My youngest two don’t do the big rides yet but there is still PLENTY to do. There are a lot of nice shops for kids and adults alike so we walked out with some nice graduation gifts and Mothers Day gifts. My middle one loved the rock mining and took home a baggy of COOL rocks. They all had to get a wax hand at Moon Valley Wax Works, which I highly recommend.

Also, the whole family will love going through Grandfathers Mansion located in the middle of the park.We made sure and checked out the blacksmith who gave husband and boys are big fans of Forged In Fire.

We left about 45 mins before the park closed, which I highly recommend to beat the traffic out of the park. On the way home we picked up Hook and Ladder Pizza carryout in Hollister and ate it on the screened in deck. We all sat around talking about our favorite part of the day and about our next trip to SDC!

It was still light out so I went on a walk with my daughter and niece on the nature trail in Branson Canyon. We enjoyed hearing my very imaginative daughter's stories about the little girl in the woods

with a friendly bear. It was almost sunset so we were able to see Table Rock Lake on our walk back to the house – so beautiful!!!

When we got back to the house, we all played a board game outside on the screened in deck. We had so much fun and I think this might be my new favorite place in the house.

To wrap up the day, we watched Star Wars the Force Awakens on the projector screen-it was like being in the theater!

My sister-in-law said her two kids talked the whole way home about how much fun they had and can’t wait until the next time they return to our house and to Branson!

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